Roofs silhouettes against the night sky with new moon
Fixed Zodiac Signs May Have
A Harder
Time During
New Moons.
Here's Why
New moons are a time of reflection, letting go, and embracing transformation, and the new moon will also be in the same zodiac sign as the sun at any given time. Some zodiac signs are likely to thrive during the rebirth of the new moon; however, others may have a harder time during new moons, like the fixed signs.
The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, and fixed signs are known to be stubborn, consistent, stable, reliable, and great lovers of tradition. You can depend on a fixed sign because they are likely to stand by your side and defend your honor, but they struggle to deviate from their plans.
Fixed signs struggle with letting go and welcoming in the new, so astrologer Erin River Sunday says new moon energy may conflict with them. Sunday adds, “New moons are an opportunity to plant fresh seeds, but fixed signs typically prefer to tend to the garden they've already nurtured,” so the energy of the new moon can feel confusing and unstable to fixed signs.
When the new moon is a fixed sign, these zodiac signs will feel slightly more at home than they do during other new moons. Astrologer Tamerri Ater says, “Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so themes of communication, connection, humanitarianism, advanced technology, and swift changes will be prevalent,” allowing Aquarians to harness the new moon’s energy.
To feel grounded and comfortable during this new moon, consider rituals like journaling, affirmations, and ceremonies of release. Find a quiet space on the night of the new moon and write down what you’d like to release and what you’d like to welcome into your life, then light a white candle, position yourself towards the North, and focus on that intention.