A woman is sitting knees to chest with a sad expression on her face
Expert Advice On Moving On From A Friendship Breakup
Friendship breakups aren't as commonly discussed as romantic ones, but losing a friend can be just as devastating — and it's okay to be upset when it happens.
Clinical psychologist Dr. Carolina Estevez exclusively shared with Gliz five steps you can take to move on from a breakup with a friend.
Acknowledge Your Feelings
The healing process can take time and Dr. Estevez suggests that you "Allow yourself to cry, grieve, and express your emotions without feeling guilty or ashamed."
Journaling is an excellent way to process your feelings and look at them objectively. It also allows you to write down your emotions without the worry of being judged.
Take Accountability
Dr. Estevez explains "Even if the other person was responsible for the breakup of the friendship, take some time to reflect on how you may have contributed to the situation.”
Create a list of possible choices that led to the breakup. By understanding your actions, you can ensure you won’t make the same mistakes in other friendships.
Turn To Your Support System
Dr. Estevez says that "Talking with friends or professionals about what happened in your former friendship can help give you insight into yourself and provide validation."