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Everything To Know About The Twelfth House In Your Astrological Chart
Each house on an astrological chart represents a different aspect of the chart holder’s life. The Twelfth Hose is the house of secrets and subconscious and is often mysterious.
The Twelfth House is ruled by Neptune, the planet that represents our subconscious. Planetary placements in this house suggest deep-seated issues with internal fears.
It also suggests hidden spiritual gifts and can reveal secret or forbidden dreams and desires, such as fantasies that the person may consider inappropriate.
The planets placed in the Twelfth House offer insights into one’s hidden tendencies. An aggressive planet, like Mars, might indicate suppressed anger.
On the other hand, placements that feel at home in this mysterious house — like the moon — can indicate one who is empathetic with others, but not themselves.
Placements in a person’s Twelfth House may also reveal the nature of their real-life secrets. If Saturn is present, one may feel the need to hide their past mistakes out of shame.
Those with Venus, the ruler of love and sex, in their Twelfth House may be drawn to secret love affairs with partners who aren’t necessarily emotionally available.
If you have placements in your Twelfth House, don’t worry — every placement in every house has a potential light and dark side. It’s up to you to determine how they play out.