Back view of a woman with long straight hair
Everything To Know About Japanese Hair Straightening
Japanese hair expert Yuko Yamashita created a different straightening system in the 1990s known as Japanese hair straightening. It remains a popular straightening choice.
Per Healthline, Japanese hair straightening is a chemical solution that's applied to the hair for 20 minutes to break down the bonds before getting rinsed out.
The hair is then blow-dried and straightened in small sections with a flat iron. Another solution is then applied to neutralize the hair and restore the broken bonds.
Then, the hair is rinsed off again and followed by a second blast with a hair dryer and straightening iron. The process can take up to five hours or more, depending on your hair.
Salons can charge anywhere from $250 and up, making it a pricey procedure. However, it is permanent, so it won't need a touch-up until your roots grow out.
Keep in mind that the treatment can cause permanent damage, especially on "dyed hair, previously damaged hair, or just an incompatible hair type," Jerome Lordet told Real Simple.