French manicured nails - isolated on white with nice shadows to make it more contrastedTrue professional manicure - absolutely flawless. Shot on location at the nail studio.
Elevate Your Basic French Manicure With The Latest Trendy Twist
Vanilla French Manicure
Zola Ganzorigt coined the “Vanilla French manicure” when she posted a photo on Instagram showing off her nails in a new take on the classic French manicure. She used OPI’s Put It In Neutral for the base and Funny Bunny for a lighter tip than the usual.
Square Tip
Go for a square-tip manicure to maximize on the vibes of the Y2K French manicure. To keep the look soft and simple, avoid long, rectangular coffin nails, and stick to shorter lengths instead.
Sparkly Topcoat
Vanilla French nails are soft and can easily match any outfit, but if you want to turn heads, add some sparkle to the manicure. Start with a neutral base and creamy tips, then brush on a shimmery topcoat so your fingertips catch the light.
High-Gloss Polish
To make this manicure look even more natural, use an extra-glossy finish to make them appear healthy and moisturized. Consider it a more muted alternative to the chrome nail art trend.
Go Au Naturel
If you’re not a fan of long nails, ask for a cropped square version that follows the natural shape of the nail. This will embrace the natural look of slightly long nails with rounded tips of Vanilla French manicures.