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Dreamy Cloud Nails Are
The Ethereal Manicure Trend You Need To Try
Stamp It Out
If you're not confident in your painting skills — and don’t want to go to the nail salon — but still love the look of cloud nails, try nail stamps or decals. You can paint your nails the base color of choice, and then use these cute stamps to create any effect you like.
Butterfly Dreams
The long, square-shaped nails pictured above are the perfect length for this dreamy vibe. Crescent moons and stars are added to a soft purple marbled base, and if you look closely, you’ll see one gorgeous butterfly floating on an accent nail on each hand.
In The Clouds
A natural pink polish is the base for this faux French manicure featuring soft white clouds and glittery stars. A gradient glitter polish really makes it look like the stars are sparkling in a cloudy sky.
Cloud Love
Show your love for cloud nails
with this gorgeous subtle heart manicure. The clouds are blended perfectly across the nail, with tiny polka dots, crescent moons, stars, and heart accents added sparingly with a pink and orange polish base.
Retro Clouds
Embracing a retro style and using bold, bright colors, the nail artist created exaggerated cloud shapes outlined in green, yellow, purple, blue, and pink along with hand-painted stars. An iridescent glitter polish adds some sparkle for a fun twist on traditional cloud nails.