woman receiving dermaplaning procedure
Does Your Hair Grow Back Thicker After Dermaplaning?
According to esthetician Danielle Gronich, dermaplaning exfoliates the face by using “a curved surgical blade to remove fine facial hair along with the surface layer of skin.”
Many people believe this facial is good for your skin. However, there are still a few misconceptions, like the belief that dermaplaning causes your hair to grow back thicker.
Hair appears to grow back darker and thicker after shaving “due to the variation of the hair shaft along its length,” explains dermatology resident Dr. Taylor Bullock.
Dermaplaning peach fuzz on the face does not usually have this effect, and doesn’t create stubble, so you don’t have to worry about facial hair appearing thicker or darker.
This treatment is great for exfoliating and smoothing your skin, and is very quick and easy, so if you’re interested in dermaplaning, don’t let the fear of stubble stop you.