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DIY Salon-Worthy Flower Nails At Home With This TikTok Hack
In the past, floral nail art was often left to professionals due to its time-consuming nature, but with the rise of TikTok, people can now create them at home with these tips.
TikToker @zacrylics demonstrates how to create a hibiscus nail design. They first apply white dots in a circular outline that are close but not touching.
Then, they add more dots outside the circle to create corners. With an ultra-slim brush, they create tiny lines, pulling the middle of the dots closer to the center of the circle.
After this, they add a curved line from the middle of the floral hibiscus shape to the outside and some more dots, finishing off the striking hibiscus flower-inspired art.
For a more basic flower design, TikToker @micheleekhxn makes small dots in a circular outline before extending them to the center and adding a yellow dot in the middle.
If you prefer a larger petal look, Dha Beauty posted a video that shows you how to get it. Start by painting four larger dots framing the bottom corner of your nail.
Use a skinny tool to make a line from the middle of each nail to the corner. Use that as a guideline to create the petals, and add a dot in the center to connect them.