Picture of woman showing her thick, beautiful, curly hair from behind
Curl Cast: How To Make Or Break One For Your Desired Hairstyle
The styling process is just as important to having beautiful curly locks as maintenance. A curl cast is a great way to create the cascading curls you’re after, but if done incorrectly, this method can create some truly rigid results.
A curl cast is achieved by applying gel to wet hair so that once it dries the gel stiffens into a cast. The trick to nailing this method is gently breaking the cast by carefully hand-scrunching the hair in bunches so the curls look more flowy and natural instead of crunchy.
If you find that the curl casts are too hard, try using less gel or applying the product when the hair is very wet. You can also dilute the gel with a serum for curly hair, apply hair oil to your hand before breaking the cast, or use a diffuser with the hair dryer on low speed after it has completely dried.