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Cuffing Season Is Over And The Snow Storming Dating Trend Is Here
Cuffing season is loosely defined as the period when singles search for short-term love connections during the colder fall and winter months; once cuffing season ends, though, “snow storming” begins. Originating from the dating app Wingman, snow storming is the act of cutting off your short-term partner during or right after cuffing season.
Snow storming can be a tumultuous practice, as it involves abruptly ending a relationship with no thorough explanation. Yet, Jess Carbino, Ph.D., and former sociologist at Tinder and Bumble, says, “Dissolving the relationship in a way that's a bit more abrupt makes sense because the emotional ties and the entanglements do not feel as strong.”
Relationship expert Kate Mansfield, on the other hand, believes that suddenly exiting a relationship can be harmful, saying, “The only situation where snow storming is a good idea is in an abusive or violent relationship.” However, Carbino adds that snow storming can be done respectfully if you explain why the relationship is no longer right for you.