a hand taking a cookie out of a cookie jar
Cookie-Jarring: Don't Let Yourself Be The Second Option With This Lame Dating Trend
One of the most troubling aspects of the current dating landscape is the onslaught of trends that are dominating the space. With the accessibility of dating apps, you can have infinite potential suitors at your fingertips, but they can also lead to some obnoxious dating trends like cookie-jarring.
The New York Times defines cookie-jarring as, "When a person seeks a relationship with someone else as a backup plan." This selfish trend is terrible because those that cookie-jar hook your interest, lead you on, and stop you from getting serious with anyone else just to ensure they don’t end up without any options.
You can tell if you are being cookie-jarred if your date only makes last-minute plans or if they won't talk about the future. It’s best to confront this behavior with an honest conversation while keeping in mind you deserve to be someone's priority; not an option they're keeping on hand in case their real plans don't work out.