Close up of woman brushing her hair from the back
Consequences Of Not Brushing Your Hair Anymore
Thicker Hair
If you stop brushing your hair, you might lose less hair but it will end up being thicker. When you brush your hair, vigorous pulling and twisting might weaken parts of the cuticles and cause hair thinning, but there is no conclusive evidence that brushing is bad for your hair.
Tangled Hair
Brushing your hair is done to remove tangles, but if you ditch the brush, you have a higher possibility of having more tangles. If your hair is prone to dryness and knots, you should use a brush in the shower to help prevent tangling.
Greasy Hair
When you stop brushing your hair daily, you’ll notice that your hair gets greasy faster. Brushing your hair stimulates oil production, so when you stop brushing the natural oils from the root aren’t brushed through to the ends leading to oil buildup that will cause extra greasiness.
Dry & Frizzy
Over-brushing can make your hair dry and frizzy, but so can not brushing it all. If your hair is prone to frizziness, brushing it will evenly distribute the natural oils on your scalp, hydrating your strands and kipping frizz at bay.
Plumbing Issues
If you stop brushing your hair, you’ll notice more hair in your drain. Brushing your hair removes the ready-to-shed strands instead of having them fall in inconvenient places like the shower, floor, or bedroom pillow.