Woman holding a hand up while walking away from a man
Cobwebbing: The Dating Trend Empowering You To Move Forward
Cobwebbing is a dating trend that comes from the concept of dusting off those cobwebs that have been plaguing your home. But in this scenario, the cobwebs are all those past lovers and relationships that you've yet to muster the courage to dust right out of your life so you can be free of them.
When used in the dating trend sense of the word, cobwebbing may include deleting numbers and messages from exes, throwing out things you have at home that remind you of them, and basically cleansing everything you interact with often, like your phone and living space, so you can move toward a life where they don’t have
a physical impact 24/7.
Even though we wouldn’t be who we are now without them, we must remember that people come and go, we outgrow places and things, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Letting go of your exes, giving yourself the opportunity to start anew, and taking control over your destiny is empowerment at its highest.