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Can You Safely Get More Than One Piercing At Once?
Displaying multiple piercings on one ear, sometimes called an "ear stack," has become a hot trend. Whether looking at more ear piercings or piercings elsewhere on the body, there are some health considerations, especially if you get more than one piercing at a time.
New York-based piercer Adrian Castillo stated, "The more [piercings] you get, the longer I feel like it takes to heal. I do tell people to take extra care of them since it is more trauma in a focused area.” For this reason, most piercers will not perform more than three or four piercings in one sitting.
For piercings to other parts of the body, particularly surface piercings, the body's rejection of the piercing is a bigger concern. So while getting a few ear piercings in one sitting is less likely to be a problem, getting multiple other piercings is more likely to be up to the piercer's discretion.