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Brazilian Wax: Everything You Should Know Before Your First Appointment
What Is A Brazilian Wax?
First introduced to America in the early ‘90s, the Brazilian wax is a grooming service that involves the removal of all the hair in the genital region, including the labia, the pubic bone, the anus, and the upper thighs. It’s the best choice for those who prefer smooth skin and don’t want to worry about upkeep at home.
Different From A Bikini Wax?
They may sometimes be used interchangeably, but Brazilian and bikini waxes are dramatically different from one another. While the former leaves your nether regions completely bare, a bikini wax consists of removing hair strictly along the bikini line (the hair that sometimes peeks out when you pull on your swimsuit or underwear).
Specific Hair Length?
Yes, the wax needs something to grip onto in order to pull it from the root and leave your skin as smooth and stubble-free as possible, or it might cause a patchy finish or leave your skin irritated. According to spa owner Jodi Shays, the hair “should be at least a quarter of an inch long for your waxing session.”
How Do You Prepare?
To prep your skin before your waxing appointment, use a gentle exfoliating agent that won’t irritate your skin, opting for sugar-based formulas. Another important step is to take an anti-inflammatory about half an hour to an hour before your appointment and wear loose, lightweight attire, including breathable underwear.
Any Hygiene Etiquette?
There are a few basic tips to follow: take a shower or bath before your appointment and clean your genitals thoroughly, don’t have a glass of wine (it makes it easier for you to bleed during hair removal), and don’t worry about natural bodily fluids. Nothing surprises professionals who perform Brazilian waxes for a living — they have seen it all.