woman fresh out of the shower with waxed armpits
Banish Razor Bumps By Waxing Your Armpits (& You Can Do It At Home)
Wait It Out
Let your hair grow out to one-fourth of an inch before waxing it, and if the hair is grown out longer than this, use small brow scissors to trim it down. Avoid waxing sessions before and after your period, as your skin may be more sensitive during this time.
Exfoliate two or three days before waxing to prevent ingrown hairs, and avoid deodorant, antiperspirant, caffeine, and alcohol the day of your waxing session. If the wax strip causes you too much pain, take a pain reliever thirty minutes prior to waxing.
How To Wax
Apply baby powder to your underarms, then use an applicator to spread the melted wax in the direction of hair growth. Gently smooth a waxing strip against the wax, then, in one swift motion, pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth; for those with sensitive skin, try not to wax over the same spot multiple times.
Apply a serum or gel that contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera to calm redness and irritation, and avoid alcohol-based toners and exfoliators for one to two days after. You’ll also want to skip the gym for a few days because sweat can cause infection.