young woman choosing a sweater from her closet
Argyle Sweaters Aren't As Timeless As We Thought- What To Wear Instead
Argyle sweaters once held a timeless status but are out for fall 2023. They may make a comeback next fall, but in the meantime, try one of these replacement styles.
Cable Knit
Swap the funky argyle design for a classic cable knit sweater. Their intricate yarn embellishments bring textured patterns without the need for multiple colors.
Preppy Polo
Blend luxury with everyday style in a polo sweater in a light neutral shade. Whether you’re going to the country club or convenience store, you’ll have a polished vibe.
Oversized Ribbed
On laid-back days, opt for an oversized ribbed sweater and comfy leggings. Add a puffer vest with boots, and you're Pinterest-ready with almost zero effort.
Wool Turtleneck
Rather than pairing your classic chunky wool turtleneck sweater with jeans or trousers, wear it under a pair of overalls or a jumper to add a bit of quirky flare.
Solid Set
You'll instantly look put together in a solid sweater and pants or skirt in a matching shade, with the same effort it takes to throw on a sloppy sweat suit.