A hand with a damaged, chipped gel polish coating on the thumb. Close-up. White background.
An Esthetician Tells Us How To Prevent Nail Polish Chipping Once And For All
Amy Ling Lin, a trained esthetician, tells Gliz the solution to persistent nail polish chipping is as simple as washing your hands, but, of course, there is more you can do.
Properly cleaning and drying your nails and hands after removing the polish is crucial for preventing chips, as oil residue on the nail plates can cause the polish to peel off.
Lin recommends cleaning your nails with a non-oil-based nail polish remover before giving them a good wash with soap and water.
Avoid prolonged exposure to warm water, especially salt water, which can wear down polish. "If you're washing dishes, for example, opt for a pair of dish gloves," Lin suggests.
Apply a base and top coat for protection. Applying the polish on bare nails, "will not only cause your nails to chip quickly, but it can actually stain your nails," Lin says.
Lin recommends re-applying your top coat every two to three days "to preserve the vitality of the color and ensure a continuous protective layer that helps to prevent chipping."