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All The Baby French Manicure Inspo You Need For Your Next Mani
The Classic White
The most common way to approach this manicure is to do super skinny white tips with a neutral base that matches your nail bed as closely as possible. With nails like these, people will definitely find themselves doing a double take.
Pastel Green & Pink
Muted pastel green and pink complement each other, so add two dots of the opposite color close to the cuticle of your nails. Since the lines and dots are thin and in muted colors, the nail designs won’t clash.
Gold-Dipped Tips
For this nail design, we recommend an opaque base color so that the actual tip of your nail is blended with the nail bend. Then, add a thin gold French tip, or try out trendy metallic colors instead.
A rainbow baby French tip is unique and eye-catching. Apply the two different-colored lines and then blend them gently with a q-tip, and work quickly so the lines don’t dry before blending them.
Dark Green
Black is always trendy, but opt for a super dark blue, purple, or green. Pick a color that at first glance looks like black, but the more you look at it, the more you'll notice its actual shade, particularly in sunlight.