Woman's Hand Wearing Engagement Ring
Add An Art Deco Twist To Your Engagement Ring With A Baguette Halo
The baguette halo is a diamond or gemstone surrounded by a small layer of tiny diamonds and a second outer layer of tapered baguette-shaped diamonds.
With two layers of diamonds surrounding it, the diamond gets all the attention with sparkly accents. It's an art-deco-inspired ring that's a perfect blend of vintage and modern.
With tha baguette halo detail, the sapphire gem can truly shine. Flanked by baguette diamond pieces, you can rock shine and contrast against the clear diamond stone.
By giving a visual path toward the diamond, the tapered diamonds act as shiny accomplices that provide more emphasis on your gorgeous stone.
Art Deco
Thanks to its Art Deco design, the baguette halo trend has recently become more prevalent. It's something unique that will remain classic for years to come.
While the halo aspect of this trend tends to have diamond pieces around the stone vertically, you can use more abstract positions, such as horizontally.
Colored Gems
Enhance the vibrancy of your engagement ring by substituting traditional baguette diamonds with colorful gemstones, adding more liveliness to the design.