Woman with short brunette hair in a red sweater on a white background
9 Tips To Help Make Curling Short Hair Easy
Tools & Techniques
Shorter hairstyles require thinner hair tools since there’s less hair to work with. Experts recommend tools like curling wands, flat irons, and curling irons.
Look for thin flat irons, small barrels, and hair wands of slimmer design when browsing your options. It’s often recommended to curl short hair with barrels no larger than 1 inch.
Prioritize Safety
While you should always stay alert when using heat-based devices, curling shorter hair puts the heated tool closer to your scalp and fingers, so be extra careful.
Before curling short hair, use a detangling product and thoroughly comb your hair to rid it of tangles. Allow enough time for the spray to be absorbed.
Heat Protectants
Applying a heat protectant before curling hair is paramount and a highly recommended process for keeping shorter manes in healthy, manageable shape.
To avoid heat damage, apply a protectant to any portion of your locks that will be exposed directly to the heat of styling tools, from the roots to the ends of your hair.
Section Strands
Use hair clips or styling pins to group your hair into smaller sections. As you style each portion, apply a firming or holding product before moving to the next.