a pair of well worn cowboy boots over beige background
7 Outdated Boot Trends To Leave Behind This Fall
Round-Toe, Block-Heel Boots
It’s easy to bid a hasty goodbye to a guest you didn’t really enjoy in the first place, like those round-toe, block-heel boots. According to the fashion site Who What Wear, these boots are uninteresting and are decidedly a thing of the past.
Slouch Boots
Fashion industry observers have long had a love-hate relationship with slouch boots, which popped up in the 1960s and reappeared in the 1980s. Today, some would rather welcome the return of shoulder pads than the rumpled boot style, so it’s time to let them go for now.
Cowboy Boots
Who What Wear doubts that cowboy boots will ever fully go out of style, but these days they may exude too much Southern energy for people in other regions of the country. An easy solution is to replace them with knee-high boots and save the cowboy boots for the cowboys.
Low-Shaft Booties
The low-shaft booties aesthetic always looked unfinished and according to fashion blogger Jo-Lynne Shane, the booties are simply an outdated relic of the past. For a trendier low-slung style, try clogs.
Rubber Boots
Rubber boots are meant to provide extra waterproofing, but Who What Wear recommends that we dispense them all together. For better rainy-day footwear, look for a good pair of welly boots.