A beautiful young woman posing in swimwear near the ocean
6 Swimwear Trends To Leave Behind On Your Next Vacation
Although it’s not June yet, if you are one of those people who loves ditching the winter weather for a warm summer vacation, you may have already started considering your swimwear. Here are 6 swimwear styles that you shouldn’t leave behind and the styles that you should pack instead.
Skirted Swimsuit
While swimsuits with skirted bottoms are comfortable and flattering, they have a far more worthy contender in 2023. You can ditch the retro skirted bottoms for a more modern look by swapping them with a swimsuit with small ruffles around the hips instead.
Solid One-pieces
If you like the timeless solid one-pieces, you are bound to fall in love with their better-looking and more flattering sibling: cutout swimsuits. Pick an area you want to show off, like your waist or midriff, and you can still be comfortable while being fashionable in your one-piece.
Bandeau Tops
While bandeaus are a great bra option to pair with your trendy square neckline tops, they can often make your chest look flatter and may require you to constantly pull them up when worn on their own. Replacing bandeau tops with underwire ones can really help you stay trendy and comfortable at the same time.
Animal Prints
It’s time to leave your leopard or cheetah print bathing suits behind and swap them for more fashionable prints. If you love wearing patterns, designers these days are opting for swimsuit patterns that are either retro, floral, or geometric in nature.