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6 Outdated Jewelry Trends That Have Lost Their Shine In Summer 2023
Summer 2023 jewelry trends are of a big, bold nature harkening back to the styles of the '80s. Here are the pieces to ditch this season and the looks with which to replace them.
Singular Necklaces
Layering necklaces of different lengths, materials, and styles is essential, allowing you to express your individuality and replicate the enthusiasm once seen in bangle stacks.
Traditional Pearls
This summer, ditch your grandmother’s pearls for natural, freshwater pearls. This unique alternative comes in a dazzling array of irregular shapes at affordable prices.
Dainty Anything
Soft and dainty is out, while chunky and bold are in. Replace your delicate pieces with statement pieces featuring bright colors and large shapes.
Unethically Sourced Gems
Diamonds mined in war zones using forced labor are out in 2023. Instead, get a lab-grown diamond or gemstones that are low on the conflict list, like Mexican amethyst.