Beautiful young female fashion model in white sweater sitting on white sofa and looking away.
5 Sweater Trends That Are Totally Outdated
Fitted Cardigans
Comfort is key, so open, loose knits are more popular than fitted cardigans. Loose open knits are perfect for fall and winter, and it’s very easy to pair with boots and jeans.
Argyle was all over social media for the past two years, but now, people prefer stripes because they can be paired with almost any look. The striped look is effortlessly preppy while also giving a nautical look perfect for early fall beach trips.
One-shoulder Sweaters
Collard knits are taking the place of one-shoulder sweaters. Collared knits are preppy and can be paired with other academic looks like blazers and slacks.
Delicate Frills
Fisherman knits provide the perfect amount of chic and comfort. Last year, everyone loved the feminine delicacy of puff sleeves and lace, but now, this year’s fall vibe is focused on minimalism and comfort.
Chenille Sweaters
Soft chenille sweaters are being replaced by another cozy alternative, oversized hairy knits. Hairy knits are easy to layer and dress up, you can pair this sweater with leggings or low-rise jeans to recreate a Y2K look.