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30 Quick Hairstyles For Picture-Perfect Hair When You're In A Pinch
The Bella Hadid Bun
The key parts of this look are a middle part, slicked-back hair, and a small bun that peeks over the top. Tie a ponytail and leave out a thin layer of hair around your head, then create the middle part and wrap the leftover hair around the ponytail before tightening it into a bun.
Half Up Space Buns
All you need to do for this look is to separate the top layer of your hair, divide it into two parts, and create messy mini buns on top of your head. Embrace the messiness of this style — chances are it will look best when styled in a rush!
Criss-Cross Braids
A fun way to update simple braids is to add a top criss-cross layer, which will definitely make the style seem more intricate. To get the look, all you have to do is add a top layer from your left side into the right braid and repeat with the left.
The Bubble Ponytail
A bubble ponytail is perfect when you want your hair to look more interesting but don't have much time. Just create your go-to ponytail, add another hair tie 2-3 inches down, pull the hair between the two hair ties a bit to create the bubble effect, and repeat.
The Messy French Braid
A French braid can be difficult to do on your own hair, and takes a lot of practice to create one quickly. If you do know how to braid one, try leaning into the loose messy look, which gives your hair extra volume and the “I’ve been busy all day, but my hair still looks cute” vibe.