A bride tries on a veil.
30 Bridal Hairstyles That Will Highlight Your Curtain Bangs
Half-Up, Half-Down
Pretty and elegant, this style will frame your face and create an enviable peek-a-boo look when styled over your bridal eye makeup.
Shorter curtain bangs are the right choice to get the same look as this photo; the shortest part of your bang should hit right under your eyebrow for that see-through effect.
Low Ponytail
A loose low ponytail with curtain bangs is casual, elegant, and romantic. It has a cottagecore vibe that’s perfect for a rustic fairytale wedding.
Crown Or Hairpiece
Bangs and an adorned crown will frame your face beautifully. If you choose a thinner curtain bang, it will make your stunning hair accessory stand out even more.
High Voluminous Bun
Paired with curtain bangs, this hairstyle gives an air of lavishness, ideal for a bride who wants to look chic and expensive.
With carefully placed bobby pins and hairspray, it will stay in place through a whole night of celebrating and dancing without getting in the way.
Updo With Flowers
Flowers and bangs pair romantically, especially with a flowy hairstyle. Choose flowers for your hair that complement the colors of your wedding arrangements.