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25 Tips To
Move On From Heartbreak After A Breakup
Delete Pictures
Deleting all the pictures and videos you have of your ex can help the healing process and send a message to your friends and family members that the relationship is no longer intact. If the idea of deleting pictures feels way too scary or permanent, you can archive them instead.
New Hobby
Picking up a new hobby is a brilliant way to move on after a breakup since it will keep you busy. Exploring new hobbies is better than turning to self-destructive activities, and you can continue bouncing around and trying different things until you discover what truly resonates with you.
New Show
When you're busy watching an interesting TV show, it takes you out of your reality for a little while and lets you not think about the breakup. According to Time, some of the best TV shows to watch after a breakup include "Killing Eve," "Jane the Virgin," and "Heart Stopper."
Laughter is truly the best medicine, which means that you should make sure you're laughing as often as possible after a breakup. Catching a local comedy show can help relieve stress, relaxes your muscles, and reduce blood pressure.
Write Poetry
Writing poetry can be incredibly therapeutic for people who are going through a breakup since you're making something out of nothing. Writing poetry improves language skills, sparks creative thinking, creates self-awareness, and expands world views.