Woman wearing sweater dress and Uggs
22 Outfits To Wear With Uggs For Maximum Comfort
A Super Long Trench Coat
Ugg boots add to the warm intention (both physically and looks-wise) of this look but make it feel more casual overall. It's the color coordination, matching the shoes and the coat, that really makes this outfit look more put-together.
An All-Black Outfit
You can pretty much never go wrong with an all-black outfit, and this outfit uses contrasting textures that give the outfit some dimension. The look brings together a smooth leather jacket and flowy trousers with soft, platform Uggs that give the outfit a little more edge.
A Moto Jacket
A moto jacket just oozes cool, especially when paired with a miniskirt. Instead of leather or combat boots, switch it up and throw on some Uggs instead to take out a bit of rebelliousness of this outfit if edgy isn’t really your thing.
A Balletcore Look
Uggs really just make sense as a dancer-off-duty shoe because they're comfortable, keep dancers' feet warm, and are spacious (a plus if your feet are sore or covered in blisters). In other words, it wouldn't be surprising to see Uggs on a dancer's feet, so they're a great choice for your balletcore outfits, as well.
Cozy Accessories
Uggs are such a good cold-weather shoe because their sheepskin lining keeps feet toasty warm. To make an outfit all the more snuggly, pair Uggs with cozy accessories like a large knitted scarf, soft earmuffs, and wooly gloves to add warmth and texture to liven up a winter outfit.