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20 Style Trends Of The '80s That Are Still Just As Cool In 2023
Oversized Jackets & Blazers
Oversized jackets and blazers are a great way to bring back the ‘80s and there are endless ways to style them. If you want to balance out the bulkiness, you can wear a tighter top or pants or you can do the opposite and pair them with other oversized items.
Bodysuits were a huge part of the ‘80s and were mostly worn as part of an aerobics outfit, but they’re still popular today. Now, though, there is a variety available that can be worn just about anywhere, like to work, a night out, or simply lounging at home.
Metallic Clothing
Metallic dresses, tops, and shoes are set to be huge in Spring 2023, but these were already a major trend in the ‘80s. If wearing metallic clothes is too much for you, you can always explore this trend with makeup.
Mom Jeans
Mom jeans were born in the ‘80s and have gone in and out of style for years since. When skinny jeans go out of style, mom jeans come in because they are so comfortable and easy to wear, so they can be styled in plenty of ways.
Matching Pantsuit
A matching pantsuit with a bold color or pattern was big in the ‘80s, but it was mostly worn to work. Nowadays, you can dress it up with a nice top and heels, or dress it down for a casual lunch with sneakers.