Barbie with a pink gown and blonde hair
20 Of The Best Dressed Barbies
Original Barbie (1959)
The original version of this iconic doll wears a strapless black and white bathing suit paired with gold hoop earrings, white sunglasses, and black heels.
Original Barbie features blue eyes and blonde or brunette hair worn in a high ponytail. She has matching red lipstick, fingernail polish, and toenail polish.
Career Girl Barbie (1963)
Exclusively launched in Japan, this Barbie has a similar mold and facial expression to Original Barbie, but features a variety of hair colors and styles.
Inspired by career women of the 60s, the doll wears a red knit blouse, a black and white tweed skirt with a matching jacket, a tweed hat with ribbon, heels, and black gloves.
Gala Abend Barbie (1965)
Released exclusively in Europe and Japan, this doll is an American Girl with short, dark brown hair and bangs in a long, ivory and gold dress.
This Barbie also showcases intricate details like a fur-white cuff encircling the neck of her jacket, a shiny silver clutch, and a tiny dance program attached to her wrist.
Pink Jubilee Barbie (1989)
This Barbie has a SuperStar head mold with a more modern-looking face and wears a long, puffy-sleeved pink and silver lamé dress.
She wears earrings and a large sash around her hips, with a bow tied on one side that trails into a voluminous skirt. Her hair is long and curled and she wears blue eyeliner.
Starlight Splendor (1991)
An African-American doll, this Barbie wears a stunning black, white, and silver floor-length gown with beads, sequins, and a feathery train.
The doll wears a bejeweled headdress that matches her bracelets and holds her dark curly hair in place. She was the second doll that fashion icon Bob Mackie created for Mattel.