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20 Lucrative Side Hustles You Might Want To Consider
Deliver Food
Giving people rides with services such as Uber or Lyft is risky because it means inviting strangers into your safe space, so delivering food with DoorDash or Uber Eats is a lucrative alternative. The only thing to consider is that you'll have to fill your tank and perform car maintenance more often.
Freelance Writing
Picking up a freelance writing job is a great lucrative side hustle, as you can rack up upwards of $5,000 a month by working for multiple websites. Being successful as a freelance writer starts with knowing where to look, promoting yourself properly, and making sure you stand out.
Patreon accounts allow artists to focus on their craft instead of the mundane details of sales while they receive consistent and reliable payments from customers on a monthly basis. The site is commonly used by budding musicians, visual artists, visual creators, and podcasters.
Walk Dogs
Dog walking as a side hustle allows you to get in some exercise and spend time with lovable animals on a flexible schedule. However, keep in mind that you might occasionally deal with difficult clients, and part of the job description is picking up dog waste.
Wash Cars
Car washing is great for people who want to make quick cash, as those who invest in regular car washes tend to have an expendable income and often tip well. Car washes are sort of a seasonal business, so it’s especially lucrative if you live in a place that has year-round sunshine.