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19 Signs You Are Emotionally Ready For A Relationship
You Enjoy Solitude
It might sound contradictory, but being able to enjoy your solitude is a huge indicator that you're ready for a relationship. If you hate being alone, you might become clingy and emotionally suffocate your partner, so you might have some inner work to do first.
You Have Good Friends
It’s important to have good friends before you enter a relationship. If you don’t have a friend to call, then you might put all of your stress onto your partner, and it will make them question if it’s a red flag that you don’t have other people in your life.
You Want To Share Your Life
If the idea of spending your life with someone else excites you, you’re definitely ready for a relationship. Having someone who supports you through all of your endeavors and who you can always call with electrifying updates is a beautiful thing to experience.
You've Lived Alone
The freedom that comes with living alone is something everyone should experience at least once in their adulthood. It gives you the opportunity to make your own rules before you decide to enter a relationship where compromise is necessary.
You've Been Single Awhile
No one can decide how much time is acceptable to be single except for you. You must decipher whether or not you're fully healed from the inside out whenever you think about past relationships and the possibilities to come in the future.