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18 Undeniable Traits Of A Good Person
Holding space for others’ emotions and meeting their needs is at the core of kindness. Dr. Marcia Sirota, a trauma and addiction expert, wrote that kindness differs from just being nice: kindness comes from a self-assured person who’s truly interested in others without ulterior motives.
Truly honest people tell the truth for the right reasons, and not just when it’s convenient or because it will make them look good. Therapist Ilene V. Fishman says that “honesty is an art,” and it’s important to tell the truth with kindness and love at a time
when that can be difficult.
When you give someone your time, energy, resources, or a gift to make them happy or because they need it, that’s generosity. Good people know that regardless of how little they may have to give or how their giving is received, they’ll always be happier simply from the act of helping others.
Altruism is when people give to others even though the act of giving requires a personal sacrifice, like time, physical or emotional energy, or money. People who are altruistic go a step beyond to help their fellow humans simply because they know it’s the right thing to do.
Good people are tolerant of others’ perspectives because everyone may believe what they want. Tolerance does not mean that you endorse values you disagree with, it just means you radically accept people’s differences; however, it’s important to understand that tolerance doesn’t mean tolerating hate.