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18 Famous Dreams And What They Really Mean
Dream Dictionary says flying in a dream may mean new opportunities, an ensuing burst of creativity, spiritual growth, new relationships, or that you’re ready to confront your fears. Flying through empty space may indicate marital challenges while flying above trees and plants may mean a temporary rough patch.
Being Chased
Psychotherapist Richard Nicoletti, J.D. explains that dreams about being chased mean you’re subconsciously "avoiding an issue or a person," or "something painful, annoying or fearful." While Dream Dictionary shares that identifying who or what is chasing you is an important step in analyzing these dreams.
If you had a dream about falling, Healthline explains that you may be feeling insecure, anxious, overwhelmed, or that you're not in control of certain aspects of your life. They may also represent reckless behavior that is taking you down a wrong path serving as a warning sign from your subconscious to change your ways.
If you dream about large, turbulent bodies of water or flooding, you may feel overwhelmed by an emotionally-charged event in your life. While dreaming about a waterfall indicates that you are seeking peace and need a change in your routine.
Pregnancy dreams aren’t always connected to fear of becoming or a desire to be pregnant. They can also be symbolic of identity rebirth, spiritual change, or a desire to feel connected to something beyond yourself.