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17 Reasons
You Should Consider Short Hair (You Can Thank Us Later)
Never Not On-Trend
Short hair on women began as a rebellious choice, but it has become a viable fashion choice. Short hair, in one form or another, has never gone out of style and it probably never will because it can be done in so many ways.
Not Just Pixie Crop
Short hairstyles started gaining traction in the 1920s with the micro-bob that was so short, the longest strands barely cleared the cheekbones. Today's short hairstyle includes the bob, the pixie, the buzz, and the lob, in lengths from scalp-hugging to shoulder touching.
The Right Face Shape
Some people shy away from short hairstyles because they don’t think they have the right face shape for it. According to stylist Declan Haworth, everyone has a face for short hair; it's just a matter of finding the short hairstyle that works for you.
Show Your Earrings
Jewelry is a means of self-expression, and earrings are the perfect accessory for that. Short hairstyles allow you to show off your earrings that would otherwise be hidden behind a curtain of hair and give off the dramatic effect you want.
Gorgeous Face
The same way short hair can put your earrings on display, it can do the same for your face. If you are particularly fond of certain facial features, there will be a short hairstyle that can accentuate them and make you look and feel gorgeous.