Young graceful woman with stylish makeup looks into the camera. She stands in the bright sunbeam and touches her face tenderly. Girl wears golden jewelry with emeralds.
15 Wedding Trends And Traditions That Are Totally Outdated
Garter/Bouquet Toss
After medieval weddings, guests would attempt to rip off the bride's clothes as it was said to be good luck, so the bride and groom would throw the bouquet or garter as a distraction. Nowadays, it is said that whoever catches the item will be the next to get married, but some don’t like this strange competition and skip the tradition.
Traditional Vows
Traditional wedding vows include phrases like "for richer, for poorer," "till death do us part," and, if you are a woman, "to love, cherish, and obey.” many modern couples dislike the formal language and the sexist undertones of some of these vows and are opting to write their own unique vows instead.
Gender-Specific Bridal Party
Bridesmaids have played an important role for brides since biblical times, as they attended to the bride’s needs and walked down the aisle with aromatic bouquets to scare away evil spirits. Needless to say, these roles aren’t necessary anymore, so many brides include loved ones of all genders in their wedding party.
Matching Bridesmaids Dresses
In ancient Rome, brides would often travel for days with their dowry to get to their betrothed, so bridesmaids would dress like the bride to confuse potential robbers and evil demons who wished the couple harm. However, many brides now have their bridesmaids wear different styles and colors of dresses.
Diamond Engagement Rings
In spite of their enduring popularity, many modern couples are ditching diamond rings in favor of other stones. Couples concerned with sustainability, and ethical production, or want a one-of-a-kind product are looking to replace diamond engagement rings with emeralds, morganite, sapphires, and rubies.