Close up of two hands with healthy nails against a tan background
15 Ways To Revive Your Dry Nails And Cuticles
Use Hand Moisturizer
A study published by BMC Dermatology found that people who used hand cream after washing their hands experienced a significant decrease in "roughness." A moisturizer enriched with shea butter or argan oil makes an excellent choice and products containing lanolin and beeswax.
Wear Gloves For Protection
If you wash your hands frequently or wash the dishes regularly, slip on gloves before you start your activity. If your hands and nails are particularly dry, look for medical varieties with moisturizing agents like aloe.
Apply Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a powerhouse ingredient for dealing with dry skin which is why it’s the gold standard for treating dull and brittle nails and peeling cuticles. As Syreeta Aaron, an educator at LeChat Nails, explains it “prevents cuticles from cracking" and "can repair damaged nails due to polish or acrylics."
Stop Picking or Biting
You can end your nail-biting or picking habit by working with a loved one or therapist to pinpoint your stressors and help you find a new coping regimen. If you're swayed by the promise of beautiful nails, scheduling an occasional manicure at the salon may be all it takes to keep you away from your nails.
Limit Chemical Exposure
Be mindful of the chemical products your nails come in contact with on a daily basis and try to minimize exposure. Lessen contact with things like alcohol-based hand sanitizer and acetone-based nail polish remover, both of which can be detrimental to your nail health.