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15 Rude Things Your Manicurist Wishes You'd Put An End To
Asking For Other Services
You shouldn’t ask your manicurist to perform services other than what you initially requested for your appointment. It’s rude, inconsiderate, and puts them in an awkward position.
Asking for extra services will make your nail tech either have to decline or feel pressured to comply, which could make them late for other clients or take up their lunch break.
You Expect Unrealistic Results
Your manicurist will often have advice about how to achieve your ideal look. While you don't have to do what they say, completely disregarding their advice may come across as rude.
They want you to leave happy but are also there to provide a realistic service. Your nail tech will most likely work with you — you just have to make sure you work with them, too.
Arriving Sick
If you feel a cold coming on or you know you’re already sick, it’s best to reschedule your appointment because going to a nail salon when you’re sick is a big no-no.
You’re not only putting your nail technician at risk of getting sick and losing out on money and tips, but you’re putting their other clients at risk as well.
Arriving Too Late Or Too Early
When you think you might be late for your appointment, call your salon ahead of time to let them know and let them decide if you can still come in or if you should reschedule.
Showing up a few minutes early is always appreciated, but if you’re too early and expect to be taken in earlier, it puts pressure on your manicurist.
Changing Your Mind
Let your manicurist know as soon as possible that you do not like your chosen color instead of waiting for them to finish painting your nails to tell them that you want a change.
If you wait too long, it won’t go down well. Instead, try getting a general idea of what you want beforehand or have them swatch the color first to see if you like it.