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13 Signs You're Forcing Your Relationship To Work
Your Reasons For Staying Are Situational
If practical concerns, like a fear of being single, are your primary driving force for staying in a relationship, it can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction.
Your financial situation can also be playing a role in why you’re staying together. These external factors can be a sign you’re forcing something that isn’t there anymore.
Unsatisfying Sex Life
Sex has a strong tie to intimacy. If you and your partner don’t have a strong sex life or have seen a loss of intimacy, it can lead to boredom, which is a relationship killer.
Frequent Arguments
Couples break up for many different reasons, but some evidence points to the frequency and intensity of arguments around specific issues as being more likely to cause separation.
Frequent arguments about lack of intimacy, jealousy, infidelity, responsibilities, controlling natures, and financial issues are signs a relationship may be over.
You’ve Overlooked Red Flags
We're often more motivated to sustain unhealthy relationships than we may realize, and societal expectations may make people feel pressured to stay with incompatible partners.
Recognizing red flags in a relationship is crucial. It can be hard to see red flags right in front of you, so treat your relationship as though it were a friend in your position.
You Feel Hopeless
A hopeless relationship is one where no matter how much you engage with the other person, you cannot resolve the issues. It can be psychologically and physically exhausting.
Behavior like stonewalling, defensiveness, criticism, and contempt create a sense of hopelessness, and are a sign you’ll need to decide if the relationship is worth saving.