a girl wearing a white robe under a shower head
11 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Showering
Brown Patches
If you stop showering, your dead skin cells will build up and create plaques of crusty skin that will grow and turn brown after being exposed to pollution and dirt. Specks of dirt may appear on your clothing since the dirt on your body and face
won't be thoroughly cleaned.
You’ll Stink
Everyone has bacteria on their skin, but when you sweat, the water, fat, and salt come together with this natural bacteria creating an odor. Although it may take a while, you will eventually smell bad if you don’t shower.
Dry Skin
Flakey, dry skin is also a result of not showering regularly, because if your skin doesn't have enough moisture, it becomes dry. Some dry skin gets itchy, while extremely dry skin can even result in bleeding from painful cracks in the skin.
Athlete’s Foot
You will develop athlete's foot, which is extremely contagious and will leave you itchy, flaky, and unsightly feet. Dr. Tania Elliott says, “The more you sweat, the worse it gets, because that creates moisture that bacteria and fungus need to thrive.”
Poor personal hygiene causes acne on the body, especially if you’re not changing your clothes enough. Dr. David Lortscher says “Sweating and humidity can aggravate breakouts by giving the bacteria on the skin a better environment to grow.”