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11 Good Reasons For Skipping A Workout
You’re Feeling Sick
Shorter workouts are okay if you have symptoms “above the neck” like a sore throat, earache, or runny nose. However, if you have symptoms such as fever, nausea, or chest congestion, stay home since exercising can potentially lengthen your recovery process.
You’re Injured
According to physical therapist Lauren Lou, “The body needs rest and recovery in order to maximize the benefit from training and working out." You may be tempted to power through the pain, but this can actually make your injury worse.
You’re Sleep Deprived
Lack of sleep not only keeps people from having the proper energy or motivation to work out, but can also affect how safely they exercise. If you are sleep deprived, prioritizing rest over activity can help you get back on track faster than attempting to work out exhausted.
Your Schedule is Full
Juggling your daily responsibilities while also tending to your physical and mental health may lead to burnout, which can negatively impact every aspect of your life including workouts. Occasionally dropping a workout for a more restful activity may help you feel more balanced.
You’re Hungover
People who work out with a hangover are less coordinated and have fatigued muscles, which can lead to clumsiness and accidents that cause injury. Gentle movement can be beneficial while hungover, as long as you stay hydrated.