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10 Things To Negotiate Other Than Salary When You Start A New Job
Vacation Time And Days Off
Many other areas besides salary can be negotiated when securing a new job, such as paid time off for vacations and sick days, and Indeed notes that when you can begin using your leave is also up for negotiation. Your prospective employer’s reaction to a request for adequate PTO can also tell you a lot about the company culture.
Most jobs are flexible about negotiating your title to one that is more appropriate, which not only correctly positions you in the company, but can help set you up for future promotion. Just make sure you come prepared with reasons that justify the request as well as options you think would be more fitting for the position.
401K Matching
Most companies offer some sort of matching 401K or 403B plan, and those terms can often be negotiated as part of your employment contract. Negotiating a matching plan can sometimes be more valuable than a moderate salary increase since the investments you will be eligible to make should increase over time.
Remote Work
As long as remote work is in line with the company’s expectations, it can also be a part of the negotiation process. Career coach Susan Peppercorn suggests negotiating for remote work after you receive an actual job offer and letting your prospective employer know how remote work will benefit them, like increased productivity.
Bonus Structure
Commissions, yearly and signing bonuses, stock option grants, and how and when you receive these bonuses as well as when stocks will vest are all topics you can discuss during the negotiation process. HR managing director Claire Bissot says that bonuses can be negotiated yearly, especially performance bonuses.