10 Jewelry Trends That Will Be Big
For Winter
Birthstones, Gems, & Crystals
Crystals and gems are taking over fashion shows, and people love wearing gemstones that represent their birthstone and zodiac sign. And even though they are very trendy now, crystals and gems are also timeless, which means that any piece of jewelry you get will last you forever.
Colorful Statement Pieces
Statement pieces are all about size and color so try rocking some of the shades the Pantone Color Institute picked for 2023 which include fiery red, beetroot purple, peach pink, empire yellow, and classic green. And as far as size, the bigger, the better, so go for chunky bracelets, dangly earrings, and fun necklaces.
Cuff Bracelets
The new trend is stacking big and bold cuff bracelets, and fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe says laying is key and that “excess is encouraged." Maria Dueñas Jacobs, founder of Super Smalls states, “The key when it comes to layering chunkier arm jewelry is to experiment with colors, textures, and materials to create that perfectly unique look.”
Asymmetrical Earrings
When mismatching earrings, pick one statement earring and keep the other one simple, or you can pick two statement earrings that match in style but not color. Lone earrings have also been a trend lately, and New York-based jewelry designer Maria Tash adds, “We are seeing more people embrace asymmetry and multiple lobe piercings.”
Body Chains
Body chains have been a trend since the ‘70s, and while they are typically more of a summer-time accessory, they can still be worn in winter. You can dress down a body chain by wearing a crop top, or you can throw one over a tight turtleneck dress.