Vanessa Elle

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Adelaide, Australia
The University Of Adelaide, Flinders University
Solo Travel, Personal Development, Career Motivation
  • Vanessa has sharpened her skills as a travel writer through visiting several countries across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, and credits studying language in Prato, Italy, in 2011 as one of her most transformative experiences.
  • With so much negative content online that leaves women feeling worse about themselves, Vanessa strives to write articles that inspire and boost confidence. So in 2019, she started her own blog with the mission of helping women to embrace their flaws and love themselves.
  • Vanessa is passionate about human rights and is a firm believer that we must learn lessons from the past to make the current world a better place for everyone. In 2021, she had the honor of interviewing Holocaust survivor Phillip Maisel OAM following the release of his book "The Keeper of Miracles."


After a childhood filled with writing stories and reading books, Vanessa started freelance writing and proofreading while at university, helping fellow students to polish their assignments. After graduating, she progressed to becoming a full-time freelancer. Over the next six years, she grew her readership while writing for such outlets as TEO magazine, The Talko, The Travel, Screen Rant, and Discovering Montana. She has also written content to help dismantle the harmful ideas surrounding diet culture, in particular, on women's websites such as Bolde and She started at Gliz as a freelance writer in 2022 before being promoted to the role of editor.


Vanessa initially attended the Adelaide University Law School before transferring into an arts degree, in which she double-majored in Creative Writing and Italian. While at university, she became a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and remains one today.

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