Tena Tuzla

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Faculty Of Political Science At University Of Zagreb
Fashion Styling, Thrifting, Skincare
  • Tena has been writing since elementary school, starting with reviews and interpretations of clippings from her mom's vintage fashion and interior design magazines.
  • She's a part-time fashion stylist and has been featured in the Croatian edition of Elle.
  • As an avid skincare lover, Tena is fascinated by the science behind beauty ingredients and is always on the hunt for the perfect product or treatment that she hasn't yet tried.


Tena is a skilled writer with over five years of professional media experience across different platforms. With three years of professional writing experience, she's already made a name for herself by authoring a popular health and wellness column on a Croatian blog site. As an English-speaking journalist, she has covered news in digital media and marketing, showcasing her journalism skills and the ability to navigate complex topics. Beyond writing, Tena has demonstrated her prowess in communications by taking on various positions in social media and public relations management. When she's not busy crafting content, Tena loves immersing herself in the world of fashion and visual media.


Tena graduated cum laude with a master's degree in journalism and public relations from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Zagreb, where she also got her bachelor's degree in journalism and new media.

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