Georgina Beech

Photo of Georgina Beech
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
University Of Warwick
Gemstone Makeup Looks, The History Of Beauty Trends, Social Media
  • In her spare time Georgina is currently writing a young adult novel.
  • She has a lifelong passion for cosmetics, fashion, and beauty, and has over 10 different piercings.
  • Georgina enjoys photography and capturing colourful images of the places she visits on her travels.


Georgina has been working as a freelance article writer for just over a year. Beginning as a student feature writer for her university's online publication 'The Boar', she has written multiple articles on the subject of women's film and media. Georgina later moved on to work for the German sustainability-focused publication 'Utopia GmbH' in 2022. Here, she wrote short-form articles on a range of subjects, from whether or not neem oil is actually good for your skin to the benefits of learning to gua sha. She joined Gliz in 2023 and puts her knowledge of social media, cosmetics, and pop culture to good use.


Georgina is a final-year undergraduate studying for a BA in Film Studies and English Literature at the University of Warwick.

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