Beth Mahoney

Photo of Beth Mahoney
Exeter, UK
The University Of Gloucestershire
Beauty, Lifestyle, Wellness
  • Beth Mahoney is a freelance beauty and lifestyle journalist.
  • She's previously written for publications such as Metro, Huffington Post, Mamabella, Love Exploring, Debut, Entertainment Daily, The Daily Star, and more.
  • Beth is a beauty and wellness enthusiast; she runs a successful beauty and lifestyle blog called La Blog Beaute and makes handmade, organic, ethical beauty products in her spare time.


Beth Mahoney is a UK-based freelance journalist and digital marketing specialist. She holds a degree in multimedia journalism and freelances as a beauty and lifestyle journalist, alongside working as a beauty blogger and running a small digital marketing agency. She has previously written for a range of publications, including Metro, Huffington Post, Mamabella, Pebble Magazine, Love Exploring, Debut, and more.


Beth has an undergraduate degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Gloucestershire.

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