What Is Rumble Boxing And Why Should You Try It?

In recent years, our workouts have been dominated by exercise trends like Zumba, Pilates, and CrossFit. But if you're looking for a different way to get up and move, a fitness chain called Rumble Boxing is putting a new spin on a classic sport.

Founded in New York City in 2017, the Rumble Boxing company that spearheaded this new type of boxing has quickly made an impact in the gym industry, already branching out to open studios as far away as Anchorage, Alaska. And it's no wonder that it's spreading like wildfire. This trendy fitness regimen has been tied to A-list celebs like Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, and Selena Gomez, who are no doubt lending it a certain star appeal.

But you don't have to be a celebrity or even an athlete to get involved. This type of boxing is designed to be safe and accessible to all experience levels, from professional fighters to total newbies. So, if you want to try out a class, what should you expect?

How rumble boxing works

Rather than throwing you into sparring, rumble boxing is about embracing the spirit of a warrior through group fitness classes inspired by boxing moves. As this workout is described on Rumble Boxing's homepage, "Rumble Boxing combines the sweet science of boxing with the transformative power of strength training. It's a high-octane, 10-round fight that offers authentic HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), metabolic conditioning (MetCon), and the benefits of cardio in one seamless class." In other words, this type of boxing uses a combination of boxing drills and strength training to promote all-around fitness.

During the boxing drills, you utilize a set of six punches to run fierce combos, whether shadowboxing or striking Rumble's water-filled punching bags. The six punches used in rumble boxing include the jab, backhand cross, front hook, back hook, front uppercut, and back uppercut, which can then be mixed and matched into endless combinations.

The other half of the workout, strength training, takes place at your weight bench, where rumble boxers work with dumbbells or bodyweight exercises to build muscle. As per its dedication to inclusivity, Rumble offers dumbbells in light, medium, or heavy weights so that everyone can get involved.

Benefits of rumble boxing

Bringing in elements of HIIT, MetCon, and cardio, rumble boxing has a lot to offer in terms of fitness. HIIT, which has been labeled one of the most time-efficient ways to get in comprehensive exercise, burns calories quickly and boosts your metabolism (via Healthline). It can also help you gain muscle, lower your blood pressure, and even reduce blood sugar. Metabolic conditioning, which involves improving the way your body burns fuel, is a natural result of this HIIT approach, thanks to the continuous shift from high-intensity exercise to low-intensity and back again.

Rumble also incorporates the benefits of cardio, which is excellent for everything from your heart and brain to your sex life (via the Cleveland Clinic). Cardio can even improve your mood, energy levels, and quality of sleep, so when you pair it with the intense fitness benefits of HIIT, you've got a comprehensive exercise regimen.

The professionals at Rumble also emphasize how its program supports mental and emotional health by promoting a positive self-image. "It impacts your mind first, and the body follows," Rumble Boxing co-founder Noah Neiman tells Byrdie. "There's a certain level of empowerment and confidence that you instill in yourself when you train to box and undergo the rigorous, yet scalable for all levels, challenges that the Rumble workout offers. ... Bottom line, expect to have an incredible workout that will help meld your mind and body, and have a good ol' time doing it!"