This Is The Low-Impact And Retro Workout You Need To Try

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people got creative with their choice of exercise. Walking, running, and lifting got old for many. They needed something different to burn those calories and keep their heart rates in the fat-burning zone. Instead of creating something new, many went back into their attics and closets to unearth their roller skates. Once people rediscovered a love for this timeless workout, they substituted roller skates for their running shoes (via CNN). 

Make no mistake, this isn't the roller skating of the '80s. People have ditched the dark, strobe-lit rinks and have taken their skates out to the street. TikTok accounts are filled with creative ways to perform this retro-style workout, as seen not only on the short form video platform but also in YouTube compilations. The great news is that skating is not only fun but also a challenging, low-impact workout that people can participate in for years to come. There are countless perks to implementing roller skating into your workout regimen. After reading about the benefits below, you'll want to dust off your old skates or go shopping for a brand new set of wheels and reap the aerobic benefits that roller skating provides. 

The benefits of roller skating

Roller skating is incredibly good for you because it does more for your body than running and cycling. This fun workout requires you to propel yourself forward while challenging your muscles to keep you balanced and stable. Roller skating can improve your cardiovascular strength, your endurance, and your stability (via Healthline).

Instead of the jerky motions our bodies make when we walk or run, roller skating only asks our bodies to make fluid motions, easing the impact on our joints and making us stay active longer (via Word of Health). Roller skating and rollerblading build core health as well as arm and leg strength. When you skate, you use your arms to gain momentum, your legs to push forward, and your core to rotate your torso (via CNN). It truly is a full-body experience.

Like most cardio, the length of time you need to spend skating to get the best workout will depend on your fitness level. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes for most people to feel the work their legs are doing. Combined with strength training two to three times a week, scheduling two to four sessions of skating is an excellent aerobic alternative and complements the resistance work you're already doing (via Word of Health).

How to start a roller skating routine

Although there are still roller skating rinks available across the country, you don't need a rink to begin this workout routine. Try on skates and rollerblades to see which setup works best for you. Begin in your driveway or on a sidewalk until you feel more comfortable branching out to bike trails. For safety purposes, always wear a helmet and consider wrist guards as well as elbow and knee pads. Practice safety when you roller skate in groups by keeping a steady pace that isn't too fast. When skating with others, the most common injuries occur when someone loses balance or tries to avoid a collision (via CNN). Safety is essential for this fun exercise. Know your limits. If you have a knee or back injury, experts warn against trying this exercise. In addition, do not begin roller skating if you are pregnant. 

Overall, roller skating is a fun activity that can help you burn over 260 calories every 30 minutes (via Healthline). If your workouts are enjoyable, social, and challenging, you're more likely to continue doing them. So, if you're bored with your current workout routine, you may want to try roller skating. You'll be surprised at how challenging it is for your muscles and how entertained you'll be by the fun you'll have.